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X06 heads to Barcelona

Just after TGS.

Microsoft has announced that X06 will be held on September 27th and 28th in Barcelona, where it will once again show off games and make announcements relating to Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade and Games For Windows.

The timing - just after the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place between September 22nd and 24th - suggests that Microsoft won't have much to say in Japan this year, despite providing one of the keynote speeches during last year's event.

As usual, Europe's "top media, partners, publishers and developers" will be invited to X06, and we'll be on hand to provide coverage of whatever Microsoft announces. Last year, we heard about Mass Effect and Castle Wolfenstein for the first time, and were told that Peter Jackson would be playing a part in the creation of the Halo film.

Microsoft says we can expect "exciting announcements" to do with the system itself, with the usual arrangement of games and accessories and Xbox Live content on show - including entertainment content - while PC gamers won't be left behind this time either.