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Smarties game announced

For unnamed console. (What, Revolution? Hur hur.)

Those of you with a soft spot (or perhaps a Cool Spot) for confectionary-based platform games will be thrilled to learn that KOCH Media has signed up SMARTIES for release in game form this October on an unnamed console.

Technically it's a "third-person action-adventure", but we're not fooled. We are excited though - and who wouldn't be? Smarties: Meltdown will see hero Big Blue (a blue Smartie!) on a mission to save the Smarties Factory Ship from an invasion of Dr Soursweet and his evil Stroopers - second-rate sweets hated by the children of Earth.

With voice work from Dave Benson Phillips (Playdays, Playhouse Disney), Big Blue will have to clobber his way through the Factory Ship orbiting Earth while it's under attack by a "small armada" of ships from Dr Soursweet's evil fleet - his comrades-in-being-crispy-coated-chocolate-treats having been imprisoned.

Nestlé is apparently very happy with the idea, and looks forward to a game that brings out the Smarties personality. We just hope it looks like that 90s advert where the policeman walks down the street whistling, looks down a hole, goes "Erugh!?" and then gets sucked down an underground rainbow.

We'll bring you more on Smarties: Meltdown when we finish this mouthful [nearer October, then -Ed].