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Police launch new web game

They'll be watching you.

The West Yorkshire Police have teamed up with Dubit to produce a new game that encourages kids to help out old ladies instead of beating them up.

Titled City Zone, the game currently features two areas to explore - the Housing Estate and the City Centre. You're tasked with a variety of missions that range from stopping thieves, preventing muggings and halting drug abuse to rescuing cats and staging concerts.

"This is an amazing project, the first of its kind for the police service," said the force's Schools Officer, Inspector Janet Balance.

"The young people will learn that they can contribute positively towards their community, avoid stereotyping and the prejudices around this. All of this is done in a very fun way and requires good IT skills and decision making to successfully play the game."

The game has already been trialled by the pupils of Prince Henry's Grammar School, and is now available online - visit to try it out.