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Fatal Frame 2 zeros in

Another point and clicker comes to PS2.

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It may have sold diddly squat on both PS2 and Xbox, but the original Project Zero/Fatal Frame (as it was known in the US) was a survival horror game of gruesome beauty. Hopefully you'll bother to take notice of the recently announced sequel, which is coming to the PS2 late in the year in the US, most likely meaning an early 2004 release in Europe.

The sequel to the psycho thriller is set in an abandoned village (aren’t they always?!), with players following the fortunes of Mio Amakura and her twin sister, Mayu, as they return to a town in which they have spent many of their childhood years.

In true deliberately mysterious Japanese style, while wandering around the hamlet nostalgically, Mayu notices a crimson butterfly faintly glowing in the sky. Foolishly, she chases it into the dark forest (nooo!), and sis Mio unwillingly follows her sister, where they find said deserted village, where more ghostly thrills await.

In common with the original, you'll once again be tasked with snapping at ghosties with a camera, but Tecmo promises "the new mysteries, story line, and sheer terror" will "rile your nerves and keep you up at night." That's the spirit.

A European publisher has yet to be announced for the game, but our money's on Wanadoo, judging by its existing deal.

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