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Midnight Club II improves for Xbox and PC

Faster, better-looking, more outgoing.

Midnight Club II was on display on both PC and Xbox at E3, showcasing various improvements over the PS2 version. Xbox fans will be pleased to hear that graphically the game has updated vehicle models, environments, higher-resolution textures, and better effects and lighting throughout, along with the virtual pre-requisites of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and widescreen. There will even be HDTV 480p support, although if you can afford a TV like that then you can probably pay developers to make you a personal version [oi! -Ed].

The Xbox and PC versions will both benefit from various multiplayer options to boot, with four-player split-screen and Xbox Live support for console owners, and eight player LAN and online modes for PC players.

As far as we know, Midnight Club II is due out on the Xbox on June 4th and PC on June 25th.