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CDV releases Fight Back details

Onward the American Conquest goes!

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CDV has released more details about American Conquest Fight Back, the standalone expansion pack (ala Cossacks: Back to War) which is due out on May 30th in Germany. Apparently the rest of Europe can now look forward to getting their grubby bayonets on it in August.

As you may know, developer GSC Game World doesn't do these expansion packs by halves, so we're getting five new nations (the Alaskan Haida, Russians, Portuguese, Dutch and Germans - the latter fighting for their South American land purchase interests), 26 new campaigns, new units and ships and even morale-boosting totem poles for the Haida nation.

Not content with that, GSC is throwing in a new game mode, Battles, which strips out the economical concerns of the main game so that players can focus on war, completing various objectives on each pre-designed map that aren't tethered to a particular historical campaign.

CDV has also released a handful of screenshots for you to enjoy.

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