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Remedy gets ready for E3

New game to go on show in May - and it's not going to be another Max Payne title.

Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment, creator of the Max Payne series, has announced it will be showing off a brand new game for next-gen consoles and PCs at this year's E3.

However, a spokesman for Remedy confirmed to us that the new title will not be another Max Payne game. He was reluctant to offer any more details, saying "it's still early days," but did add that all will be revealed at E3 in May.

"We are thrilled to show what we have been up to since the Max Payne games," said lead designer Petri Jarvilehto.

Development director Markus Maki added that the new title is "taking the graphics to the next level" and "pushing the envelope on the visuals." He did not say whether it would also raise the bar, move the goalposts and set a new standard for the genre. We'll bring you more in May.