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New Final Fantasy concert planned

Uematsu brings his band on board for LA performance 'More Friends'.

Square Enix has announced a second concert of music from the Final Fantasy series, to be performed in LA during this year's E3.

'More Friends' will combine live orchestral, rock and pop performances with scenes from the FF series. The concert will be conducted by Grammy award winner Arnie Roth and performed by the World Festival Symphony Orchestra, with vocal performances from the CSUF University Singers.

Plenty of special guests are promised and although a full list has yet to be announced, it's been confirmed that FF composer Nobuo Uematsu's own band, The Black Mages, will make an appearance. The Black Mages debuted in 2003 with an album of rock arrangements of Final Fantasy battle music - you can listen to a sample here.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the popularity of the Final Fantasy music in America, and I can't wait for the fans' reaction to this new show," said Uematsu. "I am especially delighted that my wish to perform in America with my band has come true."

'More Friends' will take place at LA's Universal Amphitheatre on May 16, and anyone who likes the sound of it can get themselves some tickets here.

Earlier this month, Uematsu's Dear Friends concert filled San Francisco's Masonic Auditorium and you can read a report from the event here.