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Guild Wars gets Collectors Edition

NCsoft gilds the lily for MMORPG's European release.

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European gamers will be offered a special edition of Guild Wars when the game is released next month, according to publisher NCsoft.

The Guild Wars Collectors Edition will bundle the game with a full-colour art book, official soundtrack, Logitech headset and three months' free subscription to the Speakeasy: Teamspeak service.

Players will also receive the Divine Aura, an exclusive in-game item that won't be available anywhere else. Characters who possess the item are surrounded by a mysterious aura, with a shape and colour distinctive to the god who bestowed it. They aren't able to trade Divine Aura or give it to other characters, making it a unique item.

Guild Wars is the first title from new studio ArenaNet, which was founded by ex-Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo designers. According to EB Games it is one of the best-selling preorder titles in the US, and more than 500,000 players worldwide have already taken part in preview events.

Guild Wars and the Guild Wars Collectors Edition are set to launch in the UK on April 28, priced at around £30 and £50 respectively.

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