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Beyond Blitzkrieg blankets Europe

Wartime MMORPG to come over here and steal our women with its fancy yankee ways this June.

GMX Media has announced June release of Beyond Blitzkrieg, a first-person MMOG set on the battlefields of Western Europe.

The game has already been out in the US for some time, where it's known as World War II Online. GMX says the European version comprises the original plus an expansion pack, all bundled into one shiny new game with a brand new title.

Beyond Blitzkrieg lets you choose whether to fight for the Allied or Axis forces and pick your own career path - so you can sign up for the infantry or try your hand at commanding a combat vehicle, naval vessel or aircraft. There are more than 80 historically accurate weapons to play with, including all manner of rifles, anti-aircraft guns and good old-fashioned tanks.

The game world is described as "a truly massive, single-instance MMOG environment", with more than 450 towns and cities and 4000 facilities dotted around 354,000 square miles of map. There are also 36,000 bunkers, bridges and other strategic locations to explore.

Beyond Blitzkrieg is being developed by Cornered Rat Software, Playnet's in-house studio. According to GMX, the team is already hard at work on a series of expansion packs for release later this year.