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Premium SOCOM 3 map packs

But no word on European plans.

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Sony is planning to start releasing downloadable map packs for SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs this March in the USA - a month before the game is even released in Europe.

Each SOCOM 3 map pack will cost $5.99 and will be available by logging into a SOCOM 3 online account. Data can be saved off onto USB flash drives, a PSP, or an internal PS2 hard disk where available.

The first pack will include several maps updated from SOCOM II - After Hours, Last Bastion and Liberation - all of which were previously only available to people with the PS2 internal hard disk. They have been reworked to include SOCOM 3 features like multiple game types, day and night options and weapon customisations.

Second and third map packs will be released over the months to come, Sony said, and include maps from the original SOCOM as well as brand new maps.

A Sony UK spokesperson said, "We have no official information about this in Europe," but promised to let us know. The game is currently down for release here, on PS2, during April.

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