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Empire signs Space Invaders tribute

Invading Europe very soon.

Empire has signed up the European and US rights to publish a Space Invaders anniversary edition on PS2. The publisher has also signed up worldwide rights to publish Space Invaders '95 on the PC. Both games should be out in 2004.

It's worth noting that Space Invaders Anniversary, despite Taito's blessing, is not the same as that other 25th anniversary special edition, Space Invaders: Invasion Day, which is still set to be published by Bigben Interactive - currently set for May 9th, and at a budget price.

Empire's Space Invaders Anniversary will not rework the existing game, but instead will offer nine different versions of the original classic from the tabletop and upright arcade versions as different game modes: the cellophane, monochrome and colour tabletop versions, the first upright version, Part II in upright and colour tabletop form, 3D mode, versus mode and doubles mode.

Taito, for its part, is planning to re-release Space Invaders back into the arcades this spring. As well as the franchise's 25th anniversary, this year also marks Taito's 50th, so they're understandably happy about all the celebrations. Taito's General Manager of Overseas Releases Hironori Ishii had this to say:

"Space Invaders has always been a franchise that has done us proud, and once again, it has not disappointed us. We look forward to a highly positive reaction from the re-launch of this classical game, and hope that today's kids and teenagers will realize where their favourite crop of hi-tech games originated from... for what now seems like ages ago."

Space Invaders Anniversary PS2 should be released in early 2004, followed by Space Invaders '95 on the PC a later in the year.