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IronStorm PS2 renamed

European version due in Q2.

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MC2 Entertainment has revealed that its alternate war history first-person shooter IronStorm has been rechristened World War Zero: IronStorm and will be released in the second quarter of 2004 in Europe.

The game is currently under development at Rebellion, having slipped from its original release target of November 2003, which was itself a year after the lamented PC version made it out into wider obscurity.

For those who missed it, IronStorm concerns a young lieutenant called James Anderson, fighting in an alternate reality where World War I never ended and the year is now 1964. It's not a World War II game exactly, but you can kind of understand the comparisons.

MC2 will be hoping the PS2 version fares better than its PC sibling, although judging by what we saw of it at last year's E3 convention it may have quite a task ahead of it, given the large number of World War II based games and console FPS games it's simultaneously going up against.

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