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See who's on Xbox Live

Via your PC, thanks to new app.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new Windows application which allows you to view your Xbox Live Friends list on your PC has popped up on the Internet.

The application, XBList, was developed by a bloke called Benjamin Hollis and written in C#. Designed to be "simple and unobtrusive," it also links up with so you can see Gamer Tiles and Gamer Cards, and for viewing Halo 2 info and player emblems.

XBList constantly updates so you can see which games your friends are playing, and it also displays friends you're open to join in with, and friend requests. You'll get pop-up messages when friends sign on and off, too.

Plus it all works with Xbox 360 - extra game info is shown in Gamer Card popups, and a special icon is displayed for 360 games.

To use the program you must have an Xbox Live account, a Microsoft.NET Passport (to which your Gamertag is linked), and an account. And, of course, the program itself - which is available for free from Hollis's website.

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