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Rise of Nations gets expansion pack

Throne and Patriots due in spring 2004.

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Brian Reynolds' critically acclaimed Rise of Nations is follow in the footsteps of all great strategy titles and receive an expansion pack, Throne and Patriots, which should be released in spring 2004.

According to a report on GameSpot, the expansion pack will introduce six more playable notions to bring the total to 24, more than 20 original units and a series of new campaigns including scenarios based on real-world military engagements.

In terms of new features, the "Throne" bit of the title presumably has to do with the new government system, which will allow each nation to determine how it is governed, affecting the course of history and influencing the gameplay in countless ways.

Rise of Nations was originally released in mid-2003 to widespread acclaim, with our very own hairy Irisher Rob claiming that "right at the moment, no other strategy title on the PC rises above" in his review.

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