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Media Molecule doing PS3 title

Rag Doll Kung Fu chaps.

Media Molecule, the studio recently formed by the team responsible for Rag Doll Kung Fu, has revealed it is making a new title for the PlayStation 3.

The original IP will be a full-priced game and published exclusively for the PlayStation 3 by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

"Working together on Rag Doll convinced us that a focussed and efficient team had the ability to deliver exciting and innovative content," said Mark Healey, creative director at Media Molecule.

"The ambition for Media Molecule is to take that a step further and prove that a small and passionate team can deliver a world class, triple-A, next generation product."

"Sometimes the very unwieldiness of a massive team renders it much less efficient," he said.

Alex Evans, technical director for Media Molecule, added: "I think it is fantastic that a massive company like Sony has the vision to see that a smaller outfit can create a world class game."

"Even after six months of working together, we're beginning to create something very special for PS3," said Evans.

"We were immediately struck by Media Molecule's ambitions for what a next-gen title could be," commented Michael Denny, VP of Sony's worldwide studios.

"Innovation is the key to our shared vision and everyone here at SCEE is highly impressed by Media Molecule's ability to deliver on that vision. We're excited to have extended our partnership on an exclusive basis and look forward to presenting the game publicly in due course."