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SOE licenses Unreal Engine 3

It'll power next-gen games.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Online Entertainment has signed a new agreement with Epic Games to license the Unreal Engine 3.

The engine will be used to develop some of SOE's next-gen console and PC games, including the DC Comics title that's currently in development.

According to SOE president John Smedley, the company's dev teams are "very excited" about the whole thing. "The combination of a top-notch graphics engine and a robust set of design tools will enable our teams to deliver incredible and innovative game content," he added.

Epic Games president Mark Rein commented: "Sony Online Entertainment has a reputation for delivering detailed, truly engaging, interactive online worlds. It is a great privilege for us that they’re using Unreal Engine 3 to help create their next generation projects."

SOE is by no means the first company to license UE3 - Epic already has deals in place with the likes of THQ, BioWare, Midway, Atari and Buena Vista Games, to name but a few.

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