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UK likely to get both PS3s - Sony

But not neccessarily at launch.

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Sony UK's David Wilson has told our sister site, that both the 20GB and 60GB versions of the PlayStation 3 are likely to go on sale in the UK - but not neccessarily on launch day.

According to Wilson, Sony is currently in "a period of open consultation with retail and consumers to decide on the best way to approach the impending launches of both SKUs [Stock Keeping Units]."

When asked if this meant that Sony had definitely decided to launch both models in the UK, despite earlier reports that only the 60GB model would appear here, Wilson replied: "No. The likelihood is that both will be made available."

"But at launch? I don't know," he added - explaining that Sony must face the challenge of offering choice without confusing consumers, and meeting the needs of retailers.

Wilson confirmed a report in British trade newspaper MCV that Sony has been discussing a scheme which would require consumers to pay a £150 deposit to pre-order a PS3 - which was apparently a "suggestion from the retail side".

However, he went on, any suggestions that Sony has committed to implementing the scheme are "idle speculation."

Wilson concluded by stating that Sony intends to reveal more of its launch plans "within the next two to three weeks." SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has previously stated that the console, which will launch across Europe on November 17th, will see its €600 price point being converted to around £425 in the UK.

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