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GB Player for Panasonic Q

And we'll even tell you where to get it. Love us!

Panasonic has finally unveiled a GB Player peripheral compatible with its GameCube-based games console/DVD player, the Q. Unfortunately for Panasonic, when Nintendo first released the GB Player peripheral, it was the wrong size for the shapely Q to nestle on top of, necessitating this release. Like the official model, the Q's Player will handle any Game Boy game ever released, with configurable controller buttons, zoom modes and visual filters. Nice. However obviously you'll have to battle with the language barrier.

Anybody with a Q who fancies a GB Player when it's released on October 1st can sign up for a pre-order on Panasonic's Japanese website, or via oppressed importer Lik-Sang, who will do you one for 35 quid or so, including a replacement faceplate with English labelling for your Q's remote control. Isn't that nice of them?