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More Buena Vista UMDs

Including Tron! Yessssss.

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Buena Vista Home Entertainment has unveiled a really rather exciting list of forthcoming UMD titles.

The release of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, scheduled for PSP launch day, will be followed up by a simultaneous UMD and DVD release of Sin City on September 26.

Then there's Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur to look forward to, plus Kill Bills 1 and 2.

But most excitingly, if you want our opinion on the matter, BV is also planning to give classic flick Tron a "UMD makeover" this September. Woo hoo!

They'll all be region encoded, of course, so they won't work on PSPs imported from the States - but if you've got a Japanese one (or get a European one of course) you're in luck.

First porn, now Tron... Can it get any better? Only when George Lucas says so, frankly.

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