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GB Player going for €60 by itself

It looked jolly nice at E3, chaps.

Nintendo has dropped us a line to remind us that Game Boy Player is out on June 20th - something we mentioned last week when we heard they were planning to bundle it with the Cube for €199. It'll be about €60 on its own.

Although we're not sure how well it'll do commercially, we were quite taken with it at E3, where its blanket presence left the Nintendo stand looking like a SNES tribute. Games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Sword of Mana and a trailer for Metroid: Zero Mission ran through it, along with virtually every other GBA game on the show floor. In fact the only place we had to look at an actual GBA screen was on the multiplayer Pac-Man section of the Nintendo stand, where it was a necessity for Pac's screen to remain out of the ghosts' line of sight.

As you may already know, the GB Player will plug into the "Hi-Speed Port" on the underside of your GameCube (leaving the "Serial" slot for a modem or broadband peripheral), and features a link cable input to allow for multiplayer. Hopefully this means that multiple TVs/Cubes can be linked up in a sort of makeshift GB Player LAN, something we'll be testing out very soon.