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Pokémon Trozei announced

It's a new puzzler for the DS.

Nintendo has announced that a new puzzle game titled Pokémon Trozei is coming to the DS next year.

You play as Lucy Fleetfoot, a Secret Operations League agent who's tasked with rescuing a load of Pokémon from the evil Phobos Battalion. Obviously, this is done by moving a bunch of Pokémon tiles around the touch-screen, creating chains of four - otherwise known as "Trozeis". You can link Trozeis up to clear pieces from the screen, and the more you link, the more points you'll score.

The tiles feature more than 380 different Pokémon, and naturally you've got to catch them all. To increase your chances of finding the rarer beasts, you can play wirelessly with a friend and exchange "Agent Cards."

There are four game modes in total - two single-player, a battle mode and a co-operative mode. Plus game sharing means you can share a demo version with a friend even if they don't have a copy.

Pokémon Trozei is due out in the US in March, with a European release likely to follow soon after.

And in the spirit of Christmas, crackers and rubbish old jokes, here's a rubbish old joke: How do you get a thousand Pikachus onto a bus?

Poke 'em on.

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