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Castlevania gets a frightful date

See if you can guess.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those cunning tricksters over at Konami will be releasing Castlevania on the PS2 next February, on Friday 13th to be exact. Do you see what they've done there? The game has been created by Koji Igarashi and the team responsible for the other much-loved Castlevania games, with the series' PS2 debut forming a prelude to the previous titles.

Players will assume the role of hero Leon Belmont - forefather of the series' enduring Belmont family - travelling to and entering Dracula's castle in search of his fiancée Sara, armed with a dagger and the whip that has become synonymous with Castlevania. Konami is promising "rich, fully interactive interiors" within the hundreds of rooms that form the castle, populated by over 80 species of enemy. As well as finally translating the immensely popular 2D action into a 3D environment, the game aims to flesh out the past of the Belmont family and explain its long-running feud against vampires. Ve are wery much looking vorward to zucking its blood in Vebruary, yes? Muhahaha etc.

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