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Every PSone game in PS3 Store?

Syphon Filter/Twisted Metal first.

Sony aims to release every single PSone game there is through its online PlayStation Store, Phil Harrison said at the Sony Gamer's Day event last night.

Speaking to 1UP, Harrison was explaining how the PlayStation 3 will work with old games for PSone and PS2, and what sort of rollout the company's planning for downloadable, emulated games.

For a start, he says, the original Syphon Filter and Twisted Metal will be downloadable at launch, and initially emulated games will only work through the PlayStation Portable. Then, as emulation software is completed, you'll be able to play them on PS3.

And the only real barrier to releasing every single PSone game, he said, which is their goal, is the occasional legal issue - basically where music, for example, had only been licensed for a relatively short period that didn't envision this sort of next-generational redistribution.

Anyway, while Sony's working on emulators and briefs and the like, you can always throw PSone and PS2 discs in the PS3 tray and play those, although Sony's not planning to offer any options for visual enhancement the way the PS2 did.