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Mario & Luigi Rumble Pak action

Peripheral works with Partners.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mario & Luigi's DS outing, Partners in Time, will feature some manner of support for the new DS Rumble Pak, Nintendo quietly announced this week.

The Rumble Pak, which goes on general sale in the US next Monday bundled with Metroid Prime Pinball, slots into the DS's GBA cartridge slot and delivers vibrations to complement the gameplay.

MP Pinball is the first game to make use of it - the Pak activating whenever the ball hits a bumper, or the balling Samus takes a hit from a Space Pirate or one of its evil friends.

It's an optional extra though, so if you prefer to take a GBA game out with you when you gently slide the voluptuous handheld into your jacket pocket, that's still an option.

Whether the Rumble Pak will be bundled with MP Pinball here remains to be seen, but we're more interested to learn what it's for in Mario & Luigi - the latest in the quirky handheld RPG series is due out in the States on 28th November, with a European launch down as "Q4".

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