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BBC Scotland to broadcast new games show

Consolevania creators take crack.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The creators of cult online videogames show Consolevania have been commissioned to produce a new six-part series for BBC2 Scotland, in what is described as the BBC's first attempt at videogames television since the Acorn Electron era.

Titled videoGaiden, the new show will combine games reviews and news with comedy sketches set in and around the gaming world. It's aimed at the 15+ market and the makers say it will treat games as a serious subject whilst remaining tongue-in-cheek - claiming videoGaiden will "Do for videogames what Top Gear does for cars."

"Even if you hate the whole gaming world, you'll still find it funny and engaging."

Six ten minute episodes have been commissioned, with the first programme to be shown on Friday November 4 at 11pm. Although it will only be broadcast in Scotland, it will also be available to satellite and cable viewers across the UK.

"We see this very much as the first step on a path to much bigger things. Interest is already being shown on Internet forums," Said a BBC Scotland representative.

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