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DICE releases beta BF1942 mod tools

BattlefieldEurogamer now in progress.

Digital Illusions has released its Battlefield 1942 Mod Development Toolkit beta for testing, which you can pick up from 3D Gamers for the price of 1.6MB hard drive space. The kit features a menu editor, an animation import/export tool, a sound script editor, plus mesh, skeleton and skin import/export tools, as well as a wealth of tutorials on how to make use of them to edit the relevant aspects of Battlefield 1942.

Once the toolkit reaches its final stage, it will apparently offer GMAX support, enabling budding game modellers to create vehicle and character models with professional-level software. Still, despite the limited availability of the beta toolkit at present, teams such as those behind the Desert Combat and Eve of Destruction mods seem to be dong just fine by themselves, thankyouverymuch.