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Xbox 360 Classics range

25 quid titles next month.

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The price of older Xbox 360 titles is set to drop in the run-up to Christmas as Microsoft introduces its Xbox 360 Classics range.

From 13th October, titles including Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, and third party titles King Kong (Ubisoft) and Condemned (SEGA) will drop to GBP 24.99.

A second wave of "Classics" will follow in spring 2007.

"Xbox 360 will have a ten million unit head start by the end of 2006 and there will be plenty of new console owners eager to jump in to the best-selling Xbox 360 games," said Richard Teversham, EMEA director of marketing and platform.

Microsoft also reiterated its hopes of hitting ten million sold during a press conference in Tokyo today.

However, the company's dominance of the burgeoning next-generation games market will be put to the test by launches in the US and Japan of PlayStation 3 and globally by Nintendo Wii.

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