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Stuntman for PS3

But who's developing it?

Remember Stuntman, the impossibly hard PS2 driving game from Driver creator Reflections Interactive?

Released just over three years ago, it showed promise but failed to set the world alight - suffering as it did from stupidly long loading times and the aforementioned impossible hardness.

Well, Sony Computer Entertainment has now confirmed to US website IGN that a next-gen Stuntman game is currently in development and will be published by Atari on PS3.

The game's working title is Stuntman Sequel, and that's the sum total of information available at present.

They're not even saying whether or not it's being developed by Reflections. The studio is currently hard at work on Driver: Parallel Lines for PS2 and Xbox, due out next year, so who knows if they'll have time to fit it in. More news as we get it...