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Stormfront working on PSP, film licence, next-gen

Busy busy busy!

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Stormfront Studios, the Californian developer of Atari's forthcoming hackandslash-with-esteemed-voice-talent-like-Patrick-Stewart title, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, is working on a PSP title and a major movie tie-in, and planning next-generation products too.

The developer, also responsible for EA's The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers game, recently added various job postings to its official website, and all of them begin with a brief overview of their current projects and future plans.

"We are currently in pre-production on a console action-adventure game based on a major new Hollywood film, and we're about to start our first PSP title," the postings reveal. "We're also preparing the strategic groundwork for the transition to the next generation console platforms."

Although the developer offers no more details on what it's up to, the PS2 is mentioned as a platform for the "action-adventure" game, which will draw on a fantasy setting, and we'd expect to learn more about the PSP title in the near future.

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