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MSN donates as you play

Play Zuma and help people.

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MSN Games is inviting you to play Zuma, Luxor and other web-games - and it's for a good cause, too.

For every MSN Games badge you earn by gathering points during gameplay, Microsoft will donate one dollar to support YWCA programs for women and their families.

The featured games include Zuma (July) and Luxor (August), along with Diner Dash2, and if you go ahead and purchase the full game during the six-week campaign period, Microsoft will donate another dollar too.

Those of you in the USA will also be able to visit live events in Seattle (July 27-28), San Francisco (August 4-5) and Bloomington (August 11-12) where participants can play the games for as long as they like - with Microsoft handing over another dollar for each and every minute the games are played.

The money donated will go towards job and skills training, housing and shelter assistance, domestic violence recovery, childcare and leadership development. You can read more about it and start playing Zuma, the first game featured, by heading to

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