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Halo 2 update due today

Cheaters, your time is up.

Bungie has announced that today's the day it will release a new autoupdate for Halo 2 designed to put a stop to the antics of "hackers, modders and other flavours of cheat."

Anyone who wants to continue playing the game on Xbox Live will have to download and install the update in order to do so, and anyone attempting to play Halo 2 with modified content will be banned from matchmaking games.

"Most of the stuff in this autoupdate is designed to fix cheating, security or minor, invisible bugs," reads a statement on Bungie's website.

"But one thing you will notice right away is that the Relic teleporter bug has been fixed, so you can no longer crouch jump to get through a locked teleporter.

"That's going to make team games a lot more palatable on one of the bigger, more complex maps in the game."

Bungie has confirmed it won't be resetting the stats - "What we will be doing is leaving legitimate players where they are, and purging the Leaderboards of cheats, rank-whorers and miscreants."

No rank-whorers were available for comment, sadly.