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Tecmo doing PSP game

An action puzzler with robots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Keisuke Kikuchi, producer of the Fatal Frame series, is leaving the scary stuff behind for Tecmo's first PSP title - an action puzzler titled Karakuri (Gimmicks).

According to Famitsu magazine, Karakuri sees you playing as a kid called Nut who's followed around by a troop of eight diminutive robots, known as juckkles. By getting the juckkles to line up in one of three formations - vertical line, horizontal line or circle - you can solve puzzles, avoid traps and defeat your enemies.

So in the vertical formation, for example, you can use the juckkles to bridge gaps or act as a ladder for reaching high places. They can even join together to create one huge, super-badass robot when facing off with seriously hard opponents.

The game is said to be about 15 per cent complete at the moment, and is due out in Japan this autumn. There's no word as to whether we can expect a European release so far, but we'll keep you updated.

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