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New Metal Gear Solid 3 shots

Snake has difficulty with some mud and looks intense.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has released a crop of new Metal Gear Solid 3 screenshots, showing off some sections of the recent E3 demo's introductory movie, and giving us a glimpse of the heavily camouflaged Snake having difficulty with a tricky mudpool.

As you may recall from our E3 coverage, Snake can make his way through the mud, but he's sinking all the time and any attempt to crawl or any loitering is fatally unhelpful. He also has to contend with alligators in this area, although when we played it they were surprisingly docile - and good for a few health rations when introduced to the business end of a shotgun.

You can check out the new MGS3 shots in our increasingly vast gallery here, and you can read our equally vast first impressions based on the E3 "Trial Version" and accompanying trailer by clicking here.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is due out exclusively on PS2 - in late 2004 in the States, and "winter" in Europe, which could mean either very late 2004 or, more likely, early 2005.

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