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EyeToy to make July appearance

EyeToy: Play. That's what they're saying.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased! Pleased to announce that EyeToy is going to be called "EyeToy: Play" and released with 12 games included during the month of July. As you may have seen at PlayStation Experience in August (or at E3 just last week), EyeToy is a system whereby a USB camera interprets the player's actions in a number of cute little mini-games, all of which your truly sucks at.

The games bundled with ETP will be Beat Freak (dancing with licensed tracks), Kung Foo (kicking, punching, etc), Wishi Washi (wax on, wax off), Keep Ups (harder than the real thing), Boxing Champ (take on Big Robo Bro), UFO Juggler (saucer spinning), Slap Stream (hungry hippos), Plate Spinner (plate spinning), Boogie Down (repeat a dancer's moves - funny they should mention repetition), Ghost Catcher (pop ghosts and bats), Mirror Time (pop bubbles on a rotating screen) and Rocket Rumble (detonate rockets and link chains of explosions).

July, then.

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