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Conflict: Blow up Iraq again

You probably think we're being a bit insensitive. Just wait.

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Back to the Drawing Board, perhaps.

Apart from a rather dodgy game engine, Conflict: Desert Storm was easily SCI's best game in ages. For some, it was the next Ghost Recon. Not for Ubi Soft, obviously, who are busy working on Tom Clancy's Xtreme Recon 2004, but for some.

Obviously then it was no surprise to see Pivotal's follow-up at E3 - and on many surrounding 'billboards' - but we were a little taken aback by the title. Not because we're prudish, but because SCI were clearly very upset about it. According to UK PR folk, US publisher Take-Two has decided that "Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad" is just what the industry needs. It sounds like just what The Daily Mail needs to us, but hey.

Over here, the game will be called something else. Probably "Conflict: Desert Storm II".

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