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Theatre of War released

Demo and digi download.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Strategy fans might want to cast their eyes in the direction of today where 1C Company's Theatre of War is finished and available through digital distribution.

Clad in a woolly cloak of realistic details - battlefields, units, tactics, campaigns - Theatre of War also features a mission editor, and, judging by the buzzing forums, war buffs can expect to see it put to good use. You can read more about how it all works elsewhere on the site thanks to our roving war correspondent.

It's frankly all a bit beyond me, but there's an exhaustive list of features and aims on the site too, along with a downloadable demo released earlier this week, featuring five tutorial missions and a host of playable units including the PzKpfw IV 70 Jadgpanzer - my favourite!

The full game can be had for US$ 45 if you're prepared either to download it or to sit around next to the mailbox waiting for a boxed copy, or you're given the chance to download now and be sent one in the post as well for an extra US$ 10. You can survey your options on the official website.

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