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US Namco Museum doubles in size

Not literally, of course. The PSP explodes often enough without that sort of thing.

The US version of Namco's PSP arcade compendium Namco Museum will feature ten more games than the Japanese original, the publisher revealed this week.

Going by the name Namco Museum Battle Collection, the updated version introduces games including Xevious, Bosconian, Mappy, Tower of Druaga, Dragon Buster, Grobda, Dig Dug 2, King & Balloon, and will be released this summer.

The move to release a more fully featured version in the US is interestingly partly because the publisher was slated last year for doing the opposite with its Mr Driller: DRILL SPIRITS title on the rival Nintendo DS, which was shorn of a whole gameplay mode and its single-cartridge multiplayer options in the US despite launching there at around the same time.

There'll be no such arguments about Namco Museum, however, which also counts the likes of Galaga, Pac-Man and the original Dig Dug amongst its line-up.

Japanese gamers should be thankful, mind you, that Namco isn't doing this on the DS, where it would doubtless be encouraged to charge £15 per game and release them in dull looking black and red boxes. Ahem.

In addition to new and original versions of these arcade titles, the game will offer four-player wireless multiplayer options using multiple UMDs.

It also supports the PSP's "Game Sharing" feature (in fact, the Japanese Namco Museum was the first title to do this), although only to the extent that players can transfer individual games to other systems for temporary play.