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Broadcom to provide Wi-Fi technology for Revolution

Wireless tech likely to be used both for controllers and for networking.

Technology firm Broadcom has announced that it is to provide wireless networking technology for Nintendo's forthcoming Revolution console - preliminary details of which are expected to be revealed at E3 next month.

The company is one of the market leaders in both Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth systems, and it's possible that its technology will be used both to connect the Revolution to networks and to connect wireless controllers to the console itself.

"The depth and breadth of Broadcom's wireless expertise will enable Nintendo to deliver the industry's most innovative gaming solutions," enthused Genyo Takeda, senior managing director of Nintendo's research and development division. "By integrating Broadcom wireless solutions into our next-generation systems, we can provide the high performance gaming and connectivity capabilities that will delight users of Revolution."

Nintendo has previously confirmed that Revolution will offer wireless networking - with president Satoru Iwata indicating to an audience at the Game Developer's Conference last month in San Francisco that the online gaming service set to be rolled out for the Nintendo DS later this year is a clear pointer to where the company plans to go with Revolution.

That online service is expected to make its public debut at E3 in Los Angeles next month, where Nintendo has also promised an early glimpse at Revolution - although just how much of the console will be revealed is subject to speculation, with reports from Japan suggesting that Nintendo will choose to talk software rather than revealing the hardware.

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