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Bandai combines DVD/UMD titles

Anime releases to include media for home players and PSPs alike.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Japanese media giant Bandai has announced the first movie titles to feature both a DVD and a UMD version in the same box, a trend which was widely predicted when Sony first announced the PSP's movie capabilities but has until now failed to materialise.

Brand new anime series Eureka 7, which has been created by the team behind the hugely successful RahXephon, will be the first to get the treatment - with a single box housing both UMD and DVD, for slightly more than the price of buying both separately.

At present, the series has only been announced for the Japanese market, and there's been no sign of any North American company following this lead - with most presumably waiting to see how standalone UMD titles perform before considering such bundling deals.

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