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Bandai doing new mech game

Called Zegapain, for Xbox 360.

Bandai has announced that a new "robot action shooting game" titled Zegapain is currently in development for the Xbox 360.

That's according to an article in the latest issue of Famitsu (partially translated by GameSpot) which says the game is being developed by Cavia - the studio behind the Drakengard series.

Zegapain will be based on a new anime show that's set to air on Japanese TV from April 6th, with the game is due out this summer. It sees you taking on the role of Toga Victor, a pilot who's battling for the survival of the human race in the fight against the evil Gars-orm.

After almost dying during a particularly hairy battle, Toga is rescued and awarded with a brand new mech - the Zegapain. It comes with a lightsaber and a gun as standard, and you can customise it in all manner of ways.

Mission environments will include mountains, ruined cities and outer space, plus "virtual experiment spaces" designed by the Gars-orm.

Zegapain isn't the only Xbox 360 game keeping Cavia busy at the moment - the studio is also working on action adventure Bullet Witch, plus RPG Cry On. The latter game is being produced by Mistwalker, the studio set up by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Bandai has yet to reveal whether any of Cavia's forthcoming titles will get a European release.