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Dave Perry resigns from Shiny

As Atari prepares to sell it off.

Following the news that Atari intends to sell off its internal development studios, Shiny Entertainment founder Dave Perry (no, not that one, the other one who doesn't wear bandanas and looks a bit like a handsome David Copperfield) has resigned from his position as head of the company.

Speaking to the Orange County Register, Perry said he took the decision to resign because he wants to focus on finding the ideal buyer.

"Atari can go ahead and sell Shiny but I think I can help too because I’m on the board of a lot of things. I can bring a lot of parties to the table and I can do that faster if I hit the streets myself," Perry said.

"If I’m an employee of Atari, then I’d be stepping all over them. This way, I’m representing a buyer. I can act swiftly and get buyers on the table. I pitched Shiny last time and got $47 million."

Perry added that he intends to go back to Shiny once the right buyer has been found, stating: "To be clear, I cannot sell the company but I can get publishers excited about the company enough to get a bidding war going on."

Perry said prospective buyers have already shown "a lot of interest" in purchasing Shiny, which is based in Newport Beach and employs 56 people. The studio is best known for producing Enter the Matrix, Path of Neo and the Earthworm Jim series. There are currently three confirmed new titles in development, including a new Earthworm Jim title.