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Original DS to be phased out this autumn - Fils-Aime

DS Lite's the way.

Nintendo will be dropping the current DS hardware from its line-up in autumn and replacing it entirely with the soon to be launched DS Lite system, according to the firm's US sales and marketing VP Reggie Fils-Aime.

Speaking in a television interview with Spike TV show Game Heads, Fils-Aime confirmed that while the existing DS will continue to be sold alongside the DS Lite for some time, it will be phased out in August or September.

The move is in line with Nintendo's normal approach to revising its hardware; the company rarely stops selling old designs outright at the point when it introduces a new version, instead preferring to give consumers the choice of both versions for a few months after launch.

The DS Lite will be launched in Japan at the start of March in a range of three different colours, with overseas launches in North America and Europe set to follow some time "after spring" according to Nintendo Japan officials.

Fils-Aime also took the opportunity during the interview to reaffirm that full details of the Revolution will emerge during E3 this year, including a launch date for the system - and to state once again that while the much-delayed Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be appearing in late autumn, it will still be released on the GameCube and not as a Revolution exclusive title.

Source - Revolution Report