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Sony cuts PS3 titles from website

Hopes you won't remember.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc has removed six listings for PlayStation 3 titles from its Japanese website, PlayStation.jp, and has stripped all mention of the PlayStation 3 console from the forthcoming releases page.

The titles, including new Everybody's Golf, Gran Turismo and Genji games, were originally listed alongside PSP and PS2 releases for 2006, as we reported yesterday, and represented the first confirmed PS3 titles from SCEJ.

However, the listings - which merely showed titles for the games, and gave no indication of whether they were set to be launch titles or not - presumably weren't meant to be revealed this early on, and have been pulled without explanation [always a good way to deal with something you revealed early, eh readers? - Ed].

A Sony spokesperson contacted by GamesIndustry.biz this afternoon declined to comment on the reason for the removal of the titles from the site, saying simply that" "We are working on the launch of PlayStation 3 and a confirmed list of titles will be announced at the appropriate time."