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Tiger Woods N-Gages Nokia

More fruits of the EA/Nokia relationship.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nokia has announced that EA will bring Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 to N-Gage during the first half of 2004, and that the game will be the first sports title to incorporate features from online service N-Gage Arena. Players can apparently expect to post high scores to a leader board through N-Gage Arena, as well as download new courses and other bonuses.

Although there are scant few specific details at this point and little more than a page of marketing quotes from EA and Nokia to dwell on, both companies will be hoping that a big franchise like Tiger Woods can help inspire hardware sales - after all, Tiger clung onto the top spot on the big boy consoles for several weeks.

However with that said, the problem for Nokia at this point isn't so much bad software - their line-up boasts Tomb Raider, Puzzle Bobble, Tony Hawk's, Sonic N and Monkey Ball, for heaven's sake - but a lack of original titles and killer applications. And if Tiger wants to make a killing, he's going to need to do something new - like support proper online play, something which it sounds like he won't be doing.

We'll bring you more on Tiger Woods' N-Gage debut when we get a chance.

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