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Koei working on three PSP launch titles

Dynasty Warriors developer sets sights on handheld market.

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According to a report from Dengeki Online (which we read about at 1UP), Koei has told attendees at its midterm strategy meeting in Japan this week that the company is working on three launch titles for Sony's PSP handheld device.

Although no specific details were given, apparently one of the three is intended for the Japanese market alone, while the other two will join the console for its worldwide release in 2004. Speculation is already rife as to what Koei is cooking up, but having hedged their bets successfully with the PS2, we'd imagine Dynasty Warriors is on the menu.

Speaking to C&VG yesterday, Koei's European general manager David Hope confessed he hadn't been told about PSP plans but said he wasn't surprised to hear the news, adding that "Koei and Sony have very close ties in Japan".

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