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Xbox 360 goes on UK tour

Try out Gears of War, others.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft is taking Xbox 360 on tour around six UK cities between now and the start of December, giving potential customers from Newcastle to Southampton the chance to try new games like Viva Piñata and Gears of War.

As well as playing games like these, and Xbox Live Arcade titles including Marble Blast Ultra and Street Fighter II, attendees will also be able to sample the new wireless headset, wireless racing wheel and Xbox Live Vision camera.

The Xbox 360 Games Tour kicks off in Manchester between 20th and 24th October at the Trafford Centre, although Gears of War will not be available for those dates.

After that, the tour heads to Newcastle, where it will occupy the Metro Centre between 26th and 29th October, before it spends three days at The Bullring in Birmingham on 3rd, 4th and 5th November.

From there it's up to Sheffield for the Meadowhall showing on 11th and 12th November, before it all gets carted to the West Quays in Southampton on 25th and 26th November. The tour will then conclude at Lakeside in London on 2nd and 3rd December.

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