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New Sony DVR supports PSP

Plus: new PSP-On-TV gadget.

Calling all wealthy gadget freaks: Sony has announced that its latest digital video recorder, the catchily titled Sugo Roku RDR-AX75, will be compatible with the PSP.

Which means, basically, that the AX75 will let you transfer video direct to PSP via USB. You can already do this with the Sony PSX, if you're one of the 11 people in Europe who owns one, but apparently it's much easier and faster with the AX75 - transferring an hour of video should take about two minutes.

What's more, the AX75 can automatically chop up MPEG-4 AVC files so that they fit perfectly on to your Memory Stick, or something - check out gadget website Japan Inc. for a more technical explanation and an overview of the AX75's other features.

Or how about PSP-On-TV from Asian Toy Source - a new device that lets you hook your handheld up to the telly.

It simply clips on to the PSP, so you don't need to open up your machine and void the warranty. Some lovely ladies in blue PVC reiterate the point about it being jolly easy to install on the official product website, if you're interested.

"Apparently it is just not much fun to get muscle cramps, headaches, and eye spasms while watching a blockbuster film in the palm of your hand," the PSP-O-On-TV press release reads.

"You just cannot compare a 3 inch display vs. 63 inches... Or perhaps even 123+ inches with an inexpensive LCD projector. Wouldn't it be much better to share the entire PSP Experience with a room full of people?"

Company spokesperson Michael Borer adds: "We can safely assume Sony doesn't want you to see GTA: Liberty City on a big screen TV... What we're doing here, well it's almost TABOO!" Gosh!

Videos and photos of the product are available on the aforementioned website, including trailers pre-formatted to work on your PSP of course. PSP-On-TV is due out next month, priced USD 99.95. "Sweet music to almost any PSP user's eyes... Or ears," as the press release puts it.

Asian Toy Source has also announced plans to release a PSP Memory Adapter, which will enable you to use Compact Flash cards and CF Micro-Drives with the PSP - offering a cheaper alternative to Memory Stick Pro Duo.

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