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SEGA teams Deep Fried for PSP

Just not clear for which game.

SEGA has inked a deal with Deep Fried Entertainment for the Vancouver-based developer to work on new content for the PlayStation Portable.

Deep Fried was launched in 2005 by a team made up of individuals who have previously worked on titles such as Need for Speed Underground, NFL Gameday and Baldur’s Gate.

"SEGA understands the handheld market like few other publishers," said Brenda Bailey, COO of Deep Fried Entertainment.

"This understanding of the market, coupled with SEGA's deep respect for creativity and innovation, makes the company an ideal partner for our current team."

SEGA continues to push its commitment to create titles with Western development teams, and comes following similar deals with Bizarre Creations, Pseudo Interactive, Silicon Knights and Monolith Productions, amongst others.

"Deep Fried Entertainment brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to the table," said Simon Jeffery, president and COO of SEGA of America.

"This agreement reinforces our commitment to establish strategic partnerships with top development talent in North America," he added.