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GBA SP does London

Fashionable Stuff.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Like all troubled teens, the GameBoy likes to hang around on street corners of an evening throwing bricks at cars, swigging alcopops and drowning passers-by in imaginative vernacular. Anxious to combat this sort of behaviour before it gets out of hand, Daddy Nintendo has announced that the little handheld will be sponsoring next Monday's Frostfrench catwalk show at The Royal Horticultural Centre as part of London Fashion Week, before jetting all the way across to Olympia for Stuff Live 2003 between September 26th and 28th. "Think of it as community service, little lad," the GBA was presumably told.

It sounds like a pretty good deal to us. He gets up and spends the day watching models walk all over his pretty face (Kate Moss, Liberty Ross and Leah Wood were around last year, er, we probably ought to go for research purposes?), and increases his profile into the bargain, then goes across town and gets touched up by rich and/or jobless consumers for three days.

Of course the reason for all this is that brick-slinging yobbishness is no way to promote the release of games like Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising or today's Golden Sun: The Lost Age, let alone new GBA SP units in Flame Red and Arctic Blue, which are due out in Europe on October 24th. Likewise, we don't expect Nintendo to announce sponsorship of The Baby Show any time soon either, even if some might say it's more suitable than a stick insect parade...

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